The journey really began…

In the summer of 2008 following a series of unrelated events! After weeks of physical discomfort she decided to join the local Yoga school. Yoga had previously peeked her interest but there never seemed to be enough time for it, so this was a perfect opportunity. She went to a class and signed up right away to continue for the next 3 years… She was physically feeling much better and more peaceful, so in the fall of 2011, she felt that she was ready to go a little deeper into the Yoga practice getting to know more about the body, mind and spirit connection. She completed her first yoga Instructor training in June 2012 as follows.

  • Reiki III Master certified by the Lippincott Center for Well Being in December 2009.
  • 200 hour Classic Hatha yoga instructor certification from The School of Royal Yoga in June 2012.
  • RYT200 hour YA at Yoga Sutra for Life (RYS) with Ranjitha Sandeep in May 2014.
  • Meditation teacher certified by Transformation Meditation in May 2015.
  • RYT500 hour YA at The American Yoga Academy (RYS) in December 2015.
  • 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training at Spanda: The Yoga of Movement/Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training by Princeton Yoga Therapy in September 2018.

She sincerely enjoys the graceful flow of the class, assisting everyone to experience the peace within, opening up in their own timing as they transition from one pose to the next almost as a moving meditation. The peaceful calm at the end of the class is priceless which is why she enjoys it as much as she does.

Sharing the joy!

She continues her journey with excitement and wonder and knows in her heart that she has found what she was looking for.

Me (Owner and Instructor): Louise Mikkelsen

I offer the following classes or sessions for Private, Semi-private, Groups and Corporate:

  • Classic Hatha Yoga – 60 or 75 minutes (1. Stress Management)
  • Hatha yoga with a flow – 60 or 75 minutes (2. Wellness )
  • Eight Limbs of yoga – 8 classes of 75 minutes (3. For Beginners)
  • Meditation or mindfulness – 5 Classes of 45 minutes to get you started or tailored to suit the individual or group with a minimum of 3 classes.
  • Yoga Nidra for stress management Workshop – 90 minutes
  • Reiki session – 60 minutes

Current member of Yoga Alliance and DYOM (Danske yoga- og meditationslærere/Danish yoga and meditation teachers).

If you have the space, I’ll bring the knowledge, the skills and some tools (most likely a yoga mat) then come yourself, with a friend, gather a crowd or we’ll go during lunch or after hours to your place of business. Together we’ll tailor a program that works just for you.

Contact us for more information about prices, terms and conditions.